The Organizing Mantra

The Mantra

I know what you’re thinking, This girl has an entire blog dedicated to organization and interior therapy, so being organized must be important, right? But exactly why is it important? How can it help me?

Allow me to share my thoughts on why organization can transform a drawer, a room, and a lifestyle. To me, organization is like taking in a breath of a fresh air, everything feels clear and my mind feels collected after a good organizing session.

Being organized means you don’t need to waste time searching for your car keys every morning, or searching for all those receipts you need to do your taxes come the start of the year. Being organized means you can feel grounded, on top of things, and in control.

I could be wrong, but I truly believe that no one would answer the question, “Would you rather be messy or organized?” with “messy.” No one wants to be messy, but often, our busy lives can get the best of us and can leave us feeling as though we have no time to fold our laundry. But the fact of the matter is, as you keep leaving that laundry in the corner of your closet and thinking, ‘I’m going to get to that pile this weekend,’  but then continually add to the pile day after day, you’re only making matters worse for yourself.

The real secret, and I mean the true secret to enlightenment is: Putting your stuff away in the moment!! I know it sounds so simple, but truly, if you just take the fifteen minutes or so to put away your laundry when it’s clean, or file away those new receipts with the rest of your receipts instead of throwing them in the wrong drawer without thinking, then you won’t have any overwhelming piles staring at you in the face. Doing your organization in the moment is far more manageable and leaves you feeling productive!

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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