Operation Closet: David


When David Todd of DT Model Management asked me to organize his closet, I could not have been more excited. David’s most important wish was to be able to see everything clearly, so he could easily locate specific items. Not too much to ask!





To accomplish his wish, we determined together which clothing items he preferred to hang and which ones could be relocated to his dresser. We also rummaged for white hangers and got the majority of his clothes on them, but he plans to get them all on white hangers very soon. Just this simple switch from a variety of hangers (different colors, brands, materials) made all of the difference in his closet. It created a uniform look and also brightened up the space!

Another important change we made to the closet was organizing by type, and then sub-dividing by color. I know, I know, I sound like a broken record preaching this “organizing by type, then by color” sermon, but eventually it will sink in, right?

Finally, we arranged his shoes by color so he could easily pair his shoes with his outfits!





Now that David has all of his clothing neatly arranged, he feels that it’s definitely something he could keep up. As I preached in this post, it’s truly just about putting the clothes on the right hangers and in the right place in the moment, instead of placing them thoughtlessly.

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