I Am A Coveteur


When The Coveteur first launched, it was as if it answered all of my questions. What does Lauren Conrad’s closet look like?, I would ask myself. I wonder how Leandra Medine organizes her Chanel bags, I pondered.

Well, ladies and gents, we got our answers! The Coveteur allows us to sneak into the homes of celebrities, feel like we know them, and leave swiftly enough without incurring any restraining orders.

Here are two of my favorite closets that have been Coveteur’d:

Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere




Khloe Kardashian of, well, The Kardashians (hello?!)



Also, I just love this quote of Khloe’s:

Every week I have a day where I just focus on making sure that all my clothes remain organized. I have all of my shirts and dresses facing the same way and my jeans are all folded and hung the same way. This is a must when you are dealing with my clothes, shoes and bags. I love beautiful things, so if I am going to spend the money on these types of accessories, I feel I should treat them like I would anything else. I would literally die if I saw one of my bags crumbled up on the closet floor underneath a coat. That is not how you treat fashion!”

I think we could all learn from Khloe by dedicating one day a week to make sure everything is placed in the right spot and looking tidy! We can also learn from both of their undeniable organization abilities—color-coding, using uniform huggable hangers, displaying shoes outside their boxes, and placing everything in its right place.

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