Thanksgiving Week: The Plating



While there’s a time and a place to be casual with entertaining, it’s always refreshing to have a beautiful table set for your guests when you invite them over for a meal. With that in mind, and with Thanksgiving fast-approaching, I thought it’d be a nice refresher to go over how to properly set a table.

Begin with your plates. Which plates you choose will depend on the formality of the meal, but regardless of the occasion, you’ll want to set your larger, dinner plate on the bottom and the smaller, salad plate on top.

Place your glasses. Glasses always go to the right side of the plate.

Time for silverware. Forks are placed to the left side of the plate, whereas knives and spoons are placed to the right. The knife is placed directly next to the plate, while the spoon is placed next to the knife. Also, it’s a nice touch to orient the knife with the cutting edge toward the plate.

Neatly wrap your napkins. Napkins—for nice dinner occasions—should be cloth and go directly on top of the salad plate.

Last but not least. My favorite part of setting the table is adding my personal touches. I love to include little name tags, for it not only makes it easier on your guests, but also makes them keen to the time you spent preparing for the night.

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