Clothing Rack Confessions

Closet Confessions

Confession: since I was about 16 years old, I’ve wanted a clothing rack in my room. When I left home for college, I wanted nothing more than to finally get one, but after viewing the size of my dorm room (and subsequent apartments), I had to let go of that dream.

Although I’ve never personally had a clothing rack in my room (sigh), I fully support and envy those who do. You may be thinking, ‘A clothing rack in my room? Won’t that just add clutter?’ and while you do raise a good point, if done correctly, a clothing rack can tie the whole room together and look super “chic,” as my mother would say.




Photos from: Pinterest.

As these pictures illustrate, you don’t want to treat the rack as an extension of your closet by hanging only one type of clothing or by trying to maximize its function. Rather, you want the clothing rack to seem like a piece of art; if you only add those special pieces from your closet, then it will seem more like a spectacle and less like a closet explosion!

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