Relaxed Cocktail Party


As much as I’d like to think that I’m that carefree host who can enjoy her own party, I’m really just the opposite. While I don’t throw parties often, nearly every party I have thrown ends up the same way, with most of my time is spent in the kitchen preparing the different appetizers, drinks, and desserts, and only a small portion of my time is actually spent with my guests. Even when I’m chatting with my guests, I seem to still be thinking about whether my apple crisps are burning or if there’s enough wine on the table for everyone.

I had sort of come to terms with my not-so-stress-free hostess habits, that is, until I read this article. The featured hostess, Caroline Z. Hurley, makes it look so easy! I love the carefree linens spread across the table, and the super simple foods she prepares. I also love that she lets her guests eat dessert first, so there’s no strict schedule to the night. With holiday season in full swing, I’m now inspired to throw another party and try to tune into the more carefree side of me.



Photos from: Domino Magazine.

Wish me luck!

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