Petal-Infused Bath Salts

Bath Salts

When it comes to presents, I try to employ my creative sense as much as possible. Unless I can think of one particular item that my recipient needs or really wants, I generally go the DIY route because I find it far more personal.

Last weekend, I decided it was as good a weekend as any to put my bath-salts-making skills to the test.

I ended up making two batches, rose and grapefruit, but only photographed the steps for making rose-infused bath salts.

Here’s how I did it:


Step 1. Put the bath salts in a large bowl. I measured how much salt I would need in the bowl by putting it in the jars first.


Step 2. Add droplets of the essential oil. I just eyeballed this step and stopped adding in droplets once the smell became very prominent.


Step 3. Add flower petals to enhance the scent and to make it nice and colorful. I used pink flowers for the rose-infused version, and white ones for the grapefruit-infused batch.


Step 4. Put the mixture in a cute little jar and top it off with a whole petal.


Step 5. Tie your jars with an over-sized, slightly messy bow.

Step 6. Gift your cute little jars filled with relaxing bath salts.

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