Tricks of the Trade: Make Up Brushes

Make Up Brushes

Ladies, ladies. Make up is a huge part of our morning routine, our afternoon retouching, and our evening primping, so we should be sure to keep our brushes looking just as good as they make us look!

I’ve been wanting to clean my brushes for a long time now, but I was waiting until I found a solid, organic way to do so. After researching on Pinterest and various forums, I’ve finally found an eco-friendly, easy way to clean your make up brushes.


All you have to do is put a tablespoon of white vinegar in a cup of warm water and leave the brushes in there for about 20 minutes. I did 3 brushes at a time, but you could probably do more depending on the size of your cup.

After the soak, I then rinsed the brushes in hot water, followed by cold water.


Lastly, I got most of the water off the brushes with a paper towel and then left them out to fully dry. Pretty sunflowers next to the brushes as they dry is a must, of course.


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