Suitcase Talk: Winter

Suitcase Talk

When packing for a weekend trip somewhere cold (well — I was traveling within California, so maybe I should say cold-ish), I tend to go a little overboard. It’s incredibly hard for me to know what I will want to wear when I am away and I’ve learned from experience that if you don’t give it some solid thought, you will forget the one thing you absolutely couldn’t forget.

Because I know just how hard it can be, I decided to share the items I selected for a weekend-long trip to San Francisco.


Jeans: My trip was casual, so I stuck with denim. I bring both black and blue jeans wherever I go, since the black jeans can be dressed up if need be.


Tees—I’m a t-shirt kind of girl, so whenever I travel, I make sure to bring more t-shirts than I’ll likely need just in case! You always want a white t-shirt, and then the others can be played with a bit. Since I knew I was going to be seeing friends and possibly even a concert, I decided to bring a graphic tee.


Winter wear: If you’re going somewhere that will get a bit chilly, be sure to bring a sweater and a scarf. I chose grey because it’s muted and can be paired with all of the t-shirts I brought.


Jackets: I brought one lighter jacket and one heavier coat. I knew I probably didn’t need the heavy coat (and I was right), but I figured it was better to be safe than sorry.


Shoes: I always travel with sneakers, usually Converse. They just make it easier to get around, especially in a city like San Francisco. I also brought some flats, which are just as easy!


Accoutrements: Never travel without a good book and some nice jewelry (though not too nice, you’re traveling, remember?).

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