Journey of a Dress


The first real designer piece I ever owned was by Diane Von Furstenberg. It was a brightly-colored floral skirt that I bought to wear to a birthday party in middle school, and I remember feeling like the prettiest twelve-year-old in the room with it on. While the style may be a bit outdated now, the skirt still appeals to me. The bright colors still bright, the beautiful craftsmanship still visible.

Though I haven’t followed DVF through her whole career—namely because I wasn’t alive in the 70’s, sadly—I’ve greatly appreciated her talent as a female designer. When I heard that her 40th anniversary “Journey of a Dress” collection was being shown at LACMA, I knew I had to go. What I loved most about about the installation was that the patterns and the cut have hardly changed over the past 40 years. Yes, printing has improved and the silhouette has become slightly more modern without the sleeve cuffs or collars, but that same brilliant design is still there.




“Years passed, and the princess left the wrap dress behind, moving on to books, cosmetics and other business ventures. The women of the land embraced her as one of them. Before long, a new generation was searching thrift shops for vintage wrap dresses; the populace was under the spell of the 70’s. And so it came to pass that the wrap dress, after a long slumber, was reawakened.”

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