Operation Coats


I’m assuming that we all can agree on this: coats don’t go in the same closet as the rest of your clothes; they belong in a hall closet or another small closet. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I wanted to share my organization strategies for my coats, since there are a few note-worthy twists.

Typically, I organize all of my clothes in color-order, beginning with red and fading to black. My coats are organized a little differently, so allow me to explain. Since my black coats are my heaviest ones and I only reach for them about once every two years when I travel somewhere freeeeezing, I decided to place them in the back of my closet where they’re less accessible. After black, comes gray, then navy, then green, and so on and so forth.

In addition to the color reversal, I also hang my coats on hangers slightly thicker than my traditional huggable ones. Shocking, I know. But because my coats are located in a separate closet, I can stray from the huggable hangers if I want and I actually find that thicker, plastic hangers work better for heavy coats. With that said, if my coats were in the same closet as the rest of my wardrobe, I would ensure that they were hung on none other than huggable hangers.



I wanted to share these organizational twists to showcase how it is totally acceptable to modify and change the rules to fit your own lifestyle. It’s not realistic to think that everyone’s closet or home will be organized in the exact same way, and thus it’s important to realize that a few twists and judgment calls here and there are to be expected.

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