Tricks of the Trade: Color-Coding


Photo from: The Coveteur.

‘Seriously though, should I revamp my entire closet and invest time in color-coding?’ – You right now.

Yes! Now, of course, everyone is different in their thinking, but let me try to explain mine. I am a firm believer in color-coding, as it helps me to make sense of a closet and understand where one section ends and the next begins. I like to divide clothes by type and then further subdivide by color, so all of your blouses are separated from your skirts, and each is arranged in ascending color order, with some room for exceptions. Organizing by color is extremely helpful in my eyes, for not only does it make for an aesthetically pleasing space (did you see the pictures??), but it also shows you exactly where each piece belongs. This means you have no excuses for not putting away your red blouse after you wear it, because now you know exactly where it belongs!

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