Musings on Discipline


I remember being confused each and every time my mom couldn’t find her glasses or her car keys—which was most mornings. It seemed so simple to avoid; all you needed was a little dish in the entryway, or tucked away in the hall closet, and you’d never misplace those little items.

Often times, I forget that I put things in the same place every day because it’s just become part of my routine. My slippers are always tucked under my bed, my handbag of the week is on the chest in my closet, my car keys and glasses are tucked in said handbag, and my day planner is placed at the edge of my desk. It may seem boring or even square to have a place for everything, but being able to find something at the drop of a hat is far better than the alternative if you ask me.

Although this disciplined life comes naturally to me, I’ve brainstormed a few ways that you can start to incorporate it in your life. The first step is to create a spot for everything. Just as I have allotted, you should have a place where your handbag, keys, day planner, slippers, coat of the day, etc. belong. And no, scattered on the floor does not count!

Once you’ve decided on a home for everything, it’s all about training and establishing a routine. Soon enough, you will put your keys in that allotted spot without even thinking. Soon enough, it will become so ingrained in your routine that it’ll become mindless, in a good way, of course. Soon enough, you won’t ever wonder where that item is and spend hours searching for it, as it’ll be exactly where you decided to keep it.

I recommend starting with items that you use every day, and gradually moving forward. All of these steps apply to putting the dishes away, putting your laundry away, and will help you to notice your own habits just as an outsider would.

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