Touch of Life

Touch of Life

Often times, I’ll walk into my closet and feel a bit caved in. When this happens, I usually go on a cleaning rampage and try to eliminate those items that I can’t imagine myself wearing in the near future. However, I always have an inkling that the caved in sensation extends beyond taking out a dress here and a jacket there.

I firmly believe that it’s important to make your closet feel open, inviting, fresh, and airy.


Take the light floors and lit shoe cabinets shown above, for instance. Oh and take a gander at that gorgeous slate Prada bag while you’re at it.


Or the placement of plants, flowers, and sculptures.


Or even two jaw-dropping, floor to ceiling windows.

You wouldn’t immediately think to put plants, flowers, or large windows in your closet, but these bright additions can really make all the difference. Because not all of us can have floor to ceiling windows, or a full seating area in our closets, let’s stick with the idea of adding greenery to attain that touch of life. So, organizers, your homework assignment for this week is to get a beautiful plant and place it right in your closet!

Photos from: Pinterest.

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