Top Chef

Bon Appetit

Once I was out of the dorms and into a real apartment, I came to the undeniable realization that I needed cooking help, major cooking help. I found myself going to the grocery store for the same items each week, namely pasta, frozen meals, and some vegetables I could fairly easily steam.

As I stood next to my roommate in the kitchen night after night and watched her make a delicious portobello-stuffed mushroom of sorts, or a roasted chicken dish, while I boiled some water to put my pasta in (hey, it was gluten free!), I realized how much I wanted to learn to cook. We started small in the beginning; she taught me some basic recipes, much like the ones that Bon Appetit emphasizes. Over time though, I felt comfortable going to the market on my own and purchasing ingredients that seemingly made no sense alone, but together could create a perfect dish.

Now, by no means and am I Ina Garten, but I must say that I’m amazed by how much I was able to learn and how significantly I was able to improve my cooking over the course of a couple years.

If you’re feeling like you can’t tell the difference between a steak knife and butter life, then I suggest you start small. Try recipes like spaghetti and meatballs, then try garlic bread, and then work your way up to some more advanced recipes like a roasted chicken. The worst thing that can happen is you ruin the recipe, but no one has to know that, right? So go on and give it a try!



Last two photos from: Bon Appetit.

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