Aced It


Every once in a while, amidst your travels and hotel stays, you stumble upon one particular hotel that stands out amongst the rest like the true gem that it is.Palm Springsimage


A few months ago, I hit the road with my boyfriend for a weekend getaway to Palm Springs. Naturally, as I’m sure you guessed, we stayed at The Ace Hotel, which had come highly recommended by friends and family alike. The vibe of the hotel couldn’t be more perfect for its desert location with palm trees outlining the outdoor restaurant and vintage lounge chairs splayed out around the pool. And don’t even get me started on our actual room, which had posters of classic rock and roll song lyrics, crisp white bedding, and a rustic coffee table.Oh, and a black washcloth that was embroidered with the words, ‘Make Up,’ the dream for rubbing off black mascara. Ladies, you get me. What I’m trying to say is, I didn’t think it could get much better than that.LAimage


Then I went to the new Los Angeles location. Now, I’m not saying that one is better, but the Los Angeles spot really holds its own. With brass tables to dine on downstairs, your elbows will certainly be resting on pristine surfaces. Imagine this: A breezy rooftop bar and jacuzzi to visit when you need to get a clearer perspective on LA traffic, or just to get a delicious drink and dip your toes into some warm water. I haven’t yet stayed in a room at the Los Angeles location, but what I will tell you is this, their pancakes are truly something to write home about, and the checks are presented with a cute little postcard.

A+, Ace Hotel. You really are my favorite vacation destination.

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