White Out


I’ll never forget the day I finished decorating and arranging my apartment and invited some of my friends over to admire my hard work.

They took one look and uttered, “It’s so….white.”

I was perplexed. Yes, there was a lot of white in the room (the walls, the curtains, my bedding, my dresser), but there were also strategic pops of color. My headboard was a dark, navy blue and my nightstands were gloss black.

After trying to justify my design choices to my friends, I realized that some can see the power of white, and others can’t. To some, white seems like the easy way out, for most people paint walls white when they’re unsure of what other color to choose. I, however, see white as a strategic selection; while it’s predictable, it’s extremely bold to decorate with mostly white and the clean, crisp look it creates is unparalleled.




Photos from: Pinterest and Elle Decor.

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