Spring Cleaning: How To

Spring Cleaning

The flowers are blooming and the days are getting longer, which only means one thing, Spring cleaning is here!

In order to inspire a little Spring cleaning, I’ve put together a list of sample projects to tackle during this beautiful time of year. Just think: After a few projects, all of your corners could be tidy ones!

1. The closet – In my opinion, the closet is #1 of course! Use this time to weave through clothes you don’t wear, as well as to put clothes away neatly — in color order. See closet organizing posts for information on how to do so. You can also see my closet for ideas on exactly how I arrange my closet.

2. The kitchen pantry – Don’t let the kitchen pantry become a junk house! Sort through your food items and throw anything away with an overdue expiration date. Clear jars are great storage alternatives to food packages.

3. The library – I’m really love color-coded shelves that are accessorized to perfection. See a how-to here.

4. Toiletry organization – We’re all guilty of hoarding every kind of toiletry under the sun, but the truth is we don’t even use half of them. Be honest with yourself and clean away!

5. The desk – Oh, the desk! Almost as bad as the closet when it get messy. A productive work ethic is contingent on a clean desk, so help yourself out and file away all that paperwork!

6. The handbag/briefcase – Ladies and gents, our bags often become storage for our receipts, gum wrappers, and lots and lots of coins. It’s time we dig deep, file those receipts, throw out those gum wrappers, and cash in those coins!

So what are you waiting for? Get to it, organizers!

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