Tricks of the Trade: Tupperware


It’s easy to throw items in a cabinet and forget about them the second the door seals. Tupperware is, without a doubt, one of those items that ends up in the cabinet or drawer mindlessly, often with the lid winding up on another end of this same cabinet or drawer, never to be found again. But wouldn’t it be easier if we could find the exact tupperware size we needed and just as readily find its corresponding top? I think I see you nodding away.

I must admit, tupperware is not an easy item to organize, as it’s almost like putting puzzle pieces together. Because it’s challenging and well, a pain in the you know what, let’s break it down and conquer it! I don’t know about you, but tupperware most certainly will not take over my life. No way, no how.




First things first, you need to take all of your tupperware and lay it across your counter top or kitchen table. Things are going to get messy but you need to trust me on this one. Once all of your tupperware is splayed out, you can really see what you have. Maybe you have some horrendously stained ones (I won’t tell anyone!), and those can go straight in the trash. Maybe you have some cracked ones. Making these initial eliminations will only make things more manageable.

Now that you have a clean slate, it’s time to group like-items together and see what you can do in terms of stacking. For instance, take the large, round tupperware and try to stack them with the biggest lid on bottom and smaller lids on top. Repeat for every shape and size that you have until you have organized groups lined across the counter top.


With all of these adorable tupperware groups, you can now begin placing them back into your cabinet or drawer. My cabinet has three shelves, the highest of which is pretty hard for me to reach, so I chose to put the largest tupperware items up there since I really only reach for these to store Thanksgiving leftovers. Do what makes sense for you!

Not only will this process help you the next time you’re making lunch for work or putting away leftovers, but it will also show you what you have and make putting the pieces together later a breeze.




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