DIY: A Full Bouquet


With Spring in the air, I’ve been loving all of the flowers that are blooming in my backyard, and on the streets around me. Since not ever flower in my backyard has bloomed yet, I purchased some beautiful pink roses and made a nice bouquet for my night table. Here’s how I did it!

Step 1: Pick your favorite flowers and vase. I personally love roses and glass vases, but that’s just me.


Step 2: Prep the flowers by cutting them at an angle under running water. You want to cut about the same amount off each stem to ensure that they’re the same height. Bonus points if your nail polish matches the flowers!


Step 3: Add water to the vase. You don’t want to fill it up to the very brim, but rather just under ¾ of the way.


Step 4: Add flowers to the outer corners of the vase.


Step 5: Fill in the center of the vase with the rest of the flowers.


Step 6: Display and enjoy!

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