Suitcase Talk: Spring

Suitcase Talk

During the colder days, I wrote about what I packed for a weekend getaway to a cold-ish destination. Now that Spring has finally arrived, I wanted to share what’s in my suitcase for a slightly warmer, more colorful vacation.


As always, please keep in mind that I believe less is less and more is always better when it comes to packing. Maybe it’s because I’ve been scarred by getting to a hotel and realizing I forgot my favorite face wash, or the time I arrived in Paris for my six-month long stay without pajamas, but whatever the reason, I like to make a thorough list ahead of time and follow it through with a few additions here and there.


Jeans: No matter where I am, I am always most comfortable in jeans. But because the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, I packed my floral-themed jeans and white ones for a crisp, elegant look.


Tees and Longlseeve: As I’ve mentioned many a time, I live for t-shirts. I work out in them, sleep in them, go out in them. If all else fails, dark denim with a white t-shirt is a winning combination; remember that! Naturally, for my trip I packed tees in white, gray, and black, and also threw in a striped longsleeve which I imagine myself pairing with my white jeans.


Dresses: It’s always fun to wear a dress—at least that’s what Diane Von Furstenberg has taught me. For my trip, I packed one flirty white dress complimented by a more casual jersey dress.


Jackets and Sweater: Sure, winter is over, but it can still get a little chilly. My navy tweed jacket and cream knit will certainly do the trick if I get cold.


Shoes and Scarf: Sneakers are a must on vacation, so I packed my new favorite slip-ons that my boyfriend gifted me. I also can’t imagine a spring-time trip without pink ballet flats, hence they definitely made the cut. Also pictured: a thin scarf that you can wrap around your imaginary Birkin or tie in your hair for added color.

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