Black Out



Photos from: Domaine Home.

When my mom first showed me the plans for her all stainless steel kitchen, I vividly remember the look I gave her. It was a look that needed no words. I couldn’t understand her vision, as I was stuck in the mindset that kitchen cabinets should either be a warm wood tone or a pale white, and only the appliances should be stainless steel.

Once the kitchen was complete, I realized how wrong I was. The kitchen popped with its stainless steel cabinetry, appliances, and island. In fact, my mom used so much stainless steel that each appliance had its own hiding spot and all the naked eye could see was a wall of steel.

As I came around to my mom’s kitchen, I started to grow inspired by the endless possibilities of cabinetry. One that I’m particularly taken to at the moment is black cabinetry. I know it seems harsh, but take a look at the photos and tell me you don’t love it! The black cabinetry looks absolutely stunning with Carrera marble and white accents, and looks equally as good with stainless steel appliances. I think we’ve found a winner.

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