The Big Move: Closet Un

Closet 1

Exciting news! I recently moved to the Bay Area to start a new job and live with my boyfriend! But – let’s get to the real juicy part of the matter – moving into a new apartment means brand new organizing techniques and spaces to share. Since I am a closet organizing fiend, it only seemed fitting to start with my closet, which is actually closet #1 (yep, I have two closets!). This first closet is in our bedroom and is a pretty decent size, which I am so excited about. I was able to fit the bulk of my clothes in this closet – dresses, skirts, blouses, pajamas, shirts, jeans, shorts, sweatshirts, and undergarments. Let me break down exactly how I did it!


To store my folded items, I opted for clean wire dressers from IKEA. One of them holds all of my undergarments (bras, undies, socks, pajamas, etc.) and the other holds all of my shirts (tanks on top, shortsleeves in the middle, longsleeves after that, and finally flannels). With all of that tucked away and taken care of, it only made sense to hang my blouses above these wire dressers, since they don’t hang too low. I commenced with sleeveless blouses and made my way to longsleeves, breaking everything down by color as I moved along.



On the other rod, I hung my dresses, skirts, and trousers, as they would have hung too low for the wire dressers below. I followed the same organizing technique – style and color – for all of these pieces.image


Finally, I folded my jeans, shorts, and sweatshirts on the shelves above the rods in this closet. Disclaimer: I love the look of this but will most likely need to get a stool because I am having a hard time reaching for my favorite pair of black jeans up there.

For now, I’m happy with my closet arrangement. Things certainly may shift as I get settled in this new apartment, and I’ll be sure to update everyone when and if they do!

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