The Big Move: Closet Deux

Closet 2

As I mentioned in last week’s organizing post, I have not one, but two closets in my new apartment!! It couldn’t be better suited for me, right? You may be wondering exactly what I put in my second closet, since my first closet is pretty comprehensive. The answer: sweaters, coats, shoes, scarves, and handbags. Oh, and makeup, jewelry, and other pretty things, of course!

You may remember that at my previous home, I separated coats from the rest of my clothes. The reason for why I do this is simple – coats are just too bulky to be paired with the rest of your items, unless your closet is large enough to handle everything.

In this closet, I hung button-down sweaters in color-order, followed by jackets and coats. I then bought a hanging shelf from IKEA in a fun pattern to place my scarves and pullover sweaters. Next, I added a shoe rack below for my sandals, flats and sneakers, though I reserved the upper shelves in my closets for boots and booties (I love booties, ok??).



Last but certainly not least, the vanity. Swoon, right? I couldn’t be happier that I have my own vanity in my closet – every girl’s dream!


I, of course, have my magnifying mirror, necklaces, and some makeup out on the counter, while I stored more makeup, nail polish, and other beauty necessities in the drawers.



When we moved in, my boyfriend gave me a beautiful necklace that had this message attached to it. I absolutely loved it and thought it was the perfect daily mantra to re-read each morning.


Finally, who doesn’t love a little softness when they’re getting dressed in the morning? This rug from IKEA is everything my feet love and more.

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