The Big Move: The Bathroom


We’re almost done with a full tour of my apartment organizing projects! But just think – as I get more and more settled, I will only be adding more and more possessions to my apartment, which will all need to be organized. Can you say more blog posts?!

But let’s stay present and talk about the most interesting room, the bathroom. Similar to the kitchen, a large struggle when decorating the bathroom was figuring out where I would store everything, since it is very petite. The medicine cabinet was a great storage solution but let’s be real, I have far more toiletries than that, as I’ve talked about before.


One way to get around this issue was putting a storage unit in the shower to house all of our soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other bathing goodies.



Though perhaps more crucial was purchasing a shelf that we (and when I say we, I mean my boyfriend) mounted above the toilet. We then purchased cute baskets so that all of our toiletries weren’t freely exposed and placed all our remaining bathroom goodies.

Wondering where my make up and beauty products are? They’re in my vanity in my second closet! Read all about it here.

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