The Big Move: Reflections


While this past move to the Bay Area wasn’t my first rodeo – I went to UC Berkeley and moved into a new apartment during each of my four years there – this time felt undoubtedly different. I wasn’t just moving into an apartment that would likely only be my home for a year, an apartment that would be left abandoned during winter vacation and summer break. This time, I was moving into a new home with the person I love.

Instead of trying to furnish and fill the place as quickly as possible before the start of classes, our goal was to find beautiful pieces that we fell in love with, even if that took a bit longer. We went about each space very strategically and tried to focus on one thing at a time – a tactic that I found to be so crucial. We started with the necessary pieces, such as a bed, kitchen supplies, and everyday toiletries, and got to the rest as time permitted. By focusing on curating pieces we absolutely loved, as opposed to purchasing pieces because we needed them, we were able to put together an apartment that is a perfect reflection of our styles, our personalities, and our happiness together.

Thank you for following along these past few weeks as we tackled the many different cabinets, drawers, and rooms in our new apartment. We still are very far from done, but at least we can say that we have a place we love filled with pieces we cherish.

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