Pencil Me In


When it comes to organizing your office supplies, I generally love to keep all small items in a drawer storage unit, as shown in this post. But with everything in your drawer, what do you have on top of your desk? I think there’s a fine line between cluttering the surface of your desk and leaving out select items that inspire you to work each day.

Personally, I love to keep little photos on my desk to remind me of loved ones and inspirational images. In addition, I also like to keep my favorite colored pens in little jars on top of my desk. I don’t always reach for these pens, as I typically opt for the black ones inside my drawer, but their color adds vibrancy to my desk and when I’m feeling cheerful, I’ll often choose a colored pen.

While I use glass jars to hold my pens, there many other creative options out there, such as mason jars, wall-mounts, and pretty much any other result of your creativity.



Photos from: Pinterest

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