Suitcase Talk: Summer

Suitcase Talk

It wouldn’t be summer without a weekend getaway to a resort destination, so that’s exactly what’s coming up for me next weekend. Since many of you are likely traveling somewhere these next couple of months as well, I thought I’d share the key items I’m packing for my brief getaway to Tahoe this coming weekend.


Blouses – Since I’m going to be laying by the lake during my vacation, I opted to bring a blouse-y bathing suit cover up and then one slightly nicer camisole for dinner.


Shorts – Shorts mean summer, summer means shorts. I’m bringing along two patterned shorts for the trip.


Dresses – I’ve packed one colorful dress that can be worn over a bathing suit or to a nice dinner (as long as I wear a slip underneath!). I’m also packing my overalls because they’re my favorite item in my closet right now and I can’t imagine a weekend without them!


Sweater – I likely don’t need a sweater, but this one is light and airy and will look great over the dress I packed.


Shoes and a hat! – Fun and bright sandals will complete all of my looks. Of course, I’m bringing a hat to protect my face from burning!


A bathing suit – Last but not least, perhaps the most obvious item I’m packing: a bathing suit! I like to mix and match when it comes to swimwear, so that’s why I opted for these two pieces.

Pro tip: Always put a dryer sheet in your suitcase to make all of your clothes smell freshly clean, even when you’re far from home!

P.S. In case you’re going somewhere a little cooler, check out my Spring and Winter packing lists.

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