Organization + Creativity


Often times, I think of organization as being associated with hard, monotonous work. Putting the dishes away in their exact right space, making sure things are folded neatly, labeling drawers and folders clearly, are all things that we might file away under the “organization” category. But what I think is often forgotten, or missing from that train of thought, is the substantial creativity that can go into organizing or cleaning.

Personally, I see such a profound connection between design, lifestyle, and organization, which is precisely why those are three topics about which I blog each week. I have a passion for interior design and instead of viewing that as separate from my love for organization, or my love for baking and crafting, I see them as wholly connected. In my opinion, there’s always opportunity to inject creativity and design into an organized space, and it’s just about seeking out that opportunity.

To me, the photos below encapsulate the connections between design, creativity, and organization. Since the pantry is, in most homes, a small closet filled with food items, it can be challenging to think outside of that box and envision it in a more creative light. But doing so can make organization all the more exciting. Whether it’s a chalkboard wall in the pantry, or a big sign over it reading “Grocery,” or even just the shelving units that you choose, organizing a pantry, in addition to any other space, can be a wonderful opportunity to infuse your creative vision.




Photos from: Pinterest.

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