Tricks of the Trade: Spice Cabinet


When it comes to organization, my dad thinks that as long as it has a home in a cabinet or a drawer, then it’s good to go. Given this logic, he was evidently content with the state of his spice cabinet. However, when I visited home the other week and opened this same cabinet to reach for some salt, you can’t even begin to imagine the look of terror that took over my face. Well, maybe you can, because maybe your face will look just about the same as you scroll down.

The first step was to utterly clear out the contents of the cabinet. As I’ve mentioned before, things can get messy before they get better, but isn’t that the case with all things in life? Go with me on that one, please. After everything is taken out, you can wipe down the cabinets and start fresh!


I decided to break down the spices by size, though I also separated out all the baking ingredients and placed those on the far right side of the cabinet. After all, there’s no reason to sift through vanilla extract when you really want teriyaki sauce. Because my dad has a lot of spices, they couldn’t all fit into one line, but since we separated by size, this wasn’t a huge issue. With the smallest spice containers in front, it’s easy enough to reach over and grab the larger ones when necessary.

Of course, my work is not complete until everything is touched, so I then moved onto the upper cabinets. Beforehand, there were lots of the same teas arranged in different bags, so I went through and placed the same flavors together.This cleared up a lot of space on that second level. Lastly, the third level was dusted off and arranged so everything was easily accessible.


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