It’s In The Details


When it comes to organizing, the little details are just as important as the overall project. In fact, it’s the culmination of all the small, finishing touches that make the space appear organized in the first place. Without these precise details, a space may look as though it’s missing something.

Due to this, I wanted to outline some of my favorite finishing touches, or the little details that make all the difference when organizing, cleaning, or just living a tidy, beautiful life.

1. When making the bed (full tutorial here), it can be tempting to overlook little details like creasing the pillows and buttoning all buttons. Don’t overlook these! One little detail that I love is buttoning the duvet cover buttons so that they’re no longer visible. It’s a great finishing touch that makes the bed look like it’s ready to be photographed for a magazine.


2. Continuing our button theme, it’s a wonderful finishing touch to button all your buttons and zip all your zippers on your clothes when you place them in your closet. You don’t have to button a blouse so much that you can’t easily take it on and off of a hanger, but just enough so that it hangs neatly.


3. Also when placing clothes in your closet, be sure to orient the hangers in the same direction. When hangers are all facing different directions, the whole closet looks messy and unappealing, trust!


4. The laws of direction apply to pantries as well. All food items, packages, jars, and the like should be facing toward you in the pantry. This finishing touch will make your life easier when you go to find an item in your pantry, and is also sure to impress any guest that comes to visit.


5. Clear jars are possibly my favorite finishing touch. I love to use them for food, office supplies, and little trinkets that I need to store.


6. Though because not everything can be stowed away in a clear jar (sadly enough), it’s always a good idea to write labels. I think I spoke too soon when I said clear jars were my favorite finishing touch; labels may just take the cake.


7. Lastly, always, always, always have fresh flowers in any and every room. The ultimate finishing touch.

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