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A few months back, I outlined how to keep your personal desk organized, touching on everything from filing to styling. While many of these points transfer right over to the topic of office desk organization, the tips on styling change ever so slightly. An office desk is indubitably meant to be functional – this is where we spend 8 hours or more each day, after all – but given the amount of time we spend at it, shouldn’t we also go the extra mile to keep it from feeling boring and uninspired? My thoughts exactly.

Now I am definitely not the office desk master, but when my company moved offices recently, I took it as an opportunity to design the desk I always wanted. Here’s what I did!

1. Make a comfortable work environment with your laptop propped up, supplemented by a second monitor to increase your productivity.



2. Get creative. I love using untraditional objects to hold my pens and pencils, such as a monogrammed mug.


3. Add in personal items that remind you of people, places, and things you love.



4. Keep it fresh with some nature. A succulent is a great touch!


5. Tidy up! This holds true for just about anything, but especially your office desk. Make some piles and hold them down with pretty paper weights. 


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