Tricks of the Trade: Folded Clothes


We have so many different types of clothing—from jeans to scarves, from undergarments to work out clothes, from pajamas to bathing suits, and everything in between. What belongs in drawers? What should hang? Let’s talk about it!

In my opinion, items should only be hung if folding them will cause wrinkling, or cause them to lose their structure. With that said, I hang the following items: skirts, dresses, jackets, cardigans, camisoles, blouses, and button-down shirts. Naturally, I separate all of those items in my closet by type (skirts with skirts, dresses with dresses, etc.).


Now that you know exactly which items I hang, let’s talk about what I fold and how I fold them! As is probably expected, I fold all of my shirts and divide them by tank tops, short sleeves, and long sleeves. I also fold my yoga work out clothes (including shirts and yoga pants) and try to keep these items separate from my other clothing so I don’t wear a nice tank top to spin class!



In a separate set of drawers, I also fold my undergarments, socks, bathing suits, and hosiery.


Finally, I fold all of my pajamas and sweatshirts. Again, I like to keep these items in their own space so I keep my daytime wear separate from my nighttime wear 🙂


My hope is that this gives you a better sense of what you should fold or hang, and perhaps come up with a system that works for you!

You might also like to see my clothes closet and coat closet.

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