Tricks of the Trade: Scarves


With the cool breeze coming in slowly but surely – more surely in San Francisco than in Los Angeles maybe – I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about scarves. When it comes to scarves, my motto is: the thicker and warmer, the better. But with these thick scarves comes a greater challenge of how to fold them and how to store them. Not to worry, I’ve got it all outlined below!

I’ll admit it, scarves can be very tricky to place. If you don’t have enough folding space, it can be tempting to hang them, but some of them are just too thick to hang. My solution is to fold the thicker ones and hang the thinner ones, as this also helps to divide them by season since I only reach for those thick, knitted ones in the colder months, but I rely on the thin, colorful ones year-round. When it comes to hanging, I use these hangers, which are perfect for keeping scarves wrinkle free and visible. When it comes to folding, I try to fold them in quarters and keep them arranged in color order.

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