In The Moment


When I organize a client’s space — regardless of which space it is — I always make sure to set aside time to explain how they can keep it clean after I’ve left. Of course, this advice is customized to each client, but there are some overarching ideas that will always stay the same.

One topic that seems so obvious yet is all the while incredibly elusive is that of putting things away in the moment. From living with roommates to hanging out at a friend’s house, I’ve noticed that when people are done using something, they will generally leave it where they’re located in that moment, not where they found it. Sure, it seems easier in the moment to leave your nail polish on your kitchen island where you were painting your nails, or to leave your towel on the floor of your closet after you’ve showered, but it’s actually only easy in the short-term, not the long-term. After all, now you’ve got nail polish in the kitchen and a towel in your closet, when both of these items belong in the bathroom, at least that’s where they belong in my house.

If you put the items away in the moment, then you won’t have a build-up of misplaced and left behind items. Everything will stay neater and those overwhelming piles won’t ever build up. There’s no better time than the present! Yes, I did just say that.

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