So this article may be a bit old, but I was just reading it the other day and thought it was too interesting to not share. I, for one, have coveted the Celine luggage bag for far too long and one would think that I would have saved up $100 a month for 20 months to just purchase the thing already. And sure, I could have. But would the bag no longer be as beautiful a year and a half later? I was torn.

It seems that questioning whether an ‘it’ item is here to stay is a very real debate. On the one hand, the item becomes an ‘it’ item for a reason – it is beautiful, fashion forward, and unanimously revered. Though on the other, it is obsessed over, discussed across countless blogs, and photographed more times than Kate Moss in the 90s.

While I’m not sure entirely where I stand on the matter, I think it’s safe to say that if someone handed me a Celine handbag, I would not be able to contain my excitement – regardless of when it first appeared on the runway.

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