Cleaning To-Do List


When it comes to cleaning, it’s important to have a plan of attack so you don’t feel like you have an entire house ahead of you but very little energy. Lucky for you, I’ve outlined this plan of attack!

Every week:

-Laundry: Clothes, sheets, and towels.

-Dusting: All surfaces in your home, such as the kitchen table.

-Cleaning the floors: This may include vacuuming, mopping, or both.

-Clean the bathroom(s): No explanation needed!

-Clean the kitchen: Focus on the big things, such as the sink and counters.

Every month:

Clean the windows: If you invest in a squeegee, then this task isn’t so bad!

-Dust high reach places: Including but not limited to light fixtures, top of cabinetry, and doorways.

-Detail the kitchen: Pay close attention to the fridge and the oven.

Every year:

Clean furniture: To do this, make sure you have proper cleaning supplies safe on your fabrics.

-Laundry detailing: Once a year, you’ll want to wash items like your mattress pad and duvet. You can also dry clean your rugs and curtains about once a year.

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