Bathroom Brightness


For a while, I thought of the bathroom — be it the master or a small powder room off of the hallway — as low on the priority list. I couldn’t help but place rooms like the kitchen or items like my bed much higher on the list than my bathroom. But the second I began searching Pinterest for bathroom inspiration and design ideas, I instantly changed my mind. There’s nothing quite as relaxing and refreshing as bathing in a hotel, I’ve concluded that renovating and designing a bathroom should certainly not be overlooked. While I love the look of clean, white tile and matching white towel sets, I’m also attracted to bright tiles and loud wallpapers. In my opinion, the bathroom is a room to experiment with and have fun designing! After all, we’re often in our bathrooms when getting ready, so a little color here and there may provide some much-needed inspiration, especially when getting dressed.


Photos from: Cupcakes and Cashmere and Pinterest.

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