Now or Later?

Now or Later

Let’s face it, we all fall victim to procrastination at one time or another and it seems that organizing and cleaning are the two main things that get put off week after week. Oh, I’ll do my laundry next weekend. My sheets aren’t really dirty, I’ve only slept in them after I take a shower, no need to change them!are far too common.

The reality is this – sure, maybe your sheets aren’t quite yet slept in enough to warrant a wash, and maybe your laundry really can wait until next week – you will likely have other matters that come up that following week that will make the thought of doing laundry even more frustrating. Of course, this doesn’t just pertain to laundry, but rather pertains to all things housekeeping.

Since your schedule is likely to fill up week to week, I encourage you to find time in the present to do some chores, even if you think they can wait. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and will thank yourself the following week when it’s off your radar.

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