Suitcase Talk: Winter

Suitcase Talk

Last year, I shared some of my must have winter packing list items – you know, those items that I can’t travel anywhere without. This year, as I get ready to go to little trips throughout Northern California, I’m putting together a round up of the items I’m absolutely packing (and have pretty much been living in all season long).

The key to packing for a cold destination is to be prepared for anything. Sure, the weather report only calls for rain during one of the days, but that could change at the drop of a hat. My motto is, it’s better to be safe than sorry, or in other words, to pack as much as you can without your suitcase being too heavy to manage.

While I won’t go through each and every item I am packing, here are a few of my key pieces.

Pea Coat. You’ll definitely want to bring a thick pea coat that will be easy to throw on no matter what you’re wearing. I opted for my gray coat from J.Crew, as it matches with everything and keeps me incredibly warm.

Light rain jacket. But, for those days where it may be drizzling but isn’t as cold as you imagined, you’ll want a light rain jacket. This will keep you dry while also letting you breathe.

Variety of sweaters. Perhaps it’s because I live in San Francisco where it’s always 60 degrees, but sweaters are probably my favorite piece of clothing. I can never have too many chunky sweaters, so they were naturally coming with me on my trip. Choose one neutral one and one that’s a bit more fun so you can mix and match.

Variety of shoes. When it comes to shoes, you should be practical. My Hunter rain boots absolutely made the cut, since they’re comfortable and practical. For a little spunk, I’m bringing along these bedazzled booties!

Fun necklace. Last but not least, don’t let your outfits grow dry just because it’s cold outside. Add in some charm with a chunky necklace!

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