These Days

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Delicious brunch at Rick and Ann’s.IMG_4017

Loving my new hair ties.IMG_3742

Getting great inspiration from this organized beauty display.


Gorgeous sunset appreciated from my dining room table.

This week was filled with conflicting feelings – appreciating Winter, but so ready to transition into Spring and warmer weather. If we’re being honest, I have also been very, very antsy, as my boyfriend and I are taking off for Mexico Saturday morning. I’ll be taking a two week-long break from the blog and hope to see everyone back here on March 16th. Have a great weekend!

Fur Throw


When it comes to beds, the fluffier and warmer, the better. In my opinion, a bed without a blanket at the end is like a chocolate chip cookie without milk. And if we’re really talking about my opinion – which I’m pretty sure we are – I prefer two blankets at the end of the bed, one slightly larger than the other.

One of my favorite looks for the foot of the bed is a fur throw. Not only does it add a sense of glam, but it’s also super comfortable and soft on your feet when you’re laying on top of your made bed!

Photos from: Pinterest.

Closet Musts Echoed

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I’m always interested to see what others have to say about closet organization. I consider my method and strategy to be honed and crafted to a t, but I’m always open to hearing a bit about others’ strategy.

When I stumbled upon this article on Refinery 29, I was pleasantly surprised to find that everything I have preached about closet organization was echoed. Slimline matching hangers? Check. Shoe wall? Check. Scarf and tie solutions? Check check check.

Neutral Decor

tumblr_inline_nglle5lPrD1r6zr9i tumblr_inline_nglle8Lt6I1r6zr9i

When I moved into an empty apartment several months ago and had brought nothing but three suitcases full of clothes and a couple of my favorite tchotchkes, I felt oddly at peace and confident in my ability to decorate my apartment in a timely manner. Once I had walked into store after store – many stores multiple times over – I started to doubt my cool, calm, and collected disposition and question what I truly consider my design style.

For so long, I had thought I loved prints, colors, and clashed patterns. The idea of a black and white cowhide paired with ikat curtains and striped pillowcases seemed so right, but after testing out each of these items in my apartment several times over, I finally went back to the drawing board.

If I’ve learned anything from my decorating experience it’s that sometimes it takes time to really figure out what your style is and meld that with what would look best in the space. While colorful patterns looked great in my last space, I wasn’t as keen to them in my new one. But now that things have finally come together, I can happily say that I love my neutral color palette and it certainly fits. 

Photos from: Pinterest.

Tricks of the Trade: Sweaters


Sweaters. Should I hang them? Should I fold them? Let’s talk about it!

If you’ve taken the time to look at my personal closets (Closet 1 and Closet 2), then you’ll see that I both fold and hang my sweaters but there’s a very clear methodology behind my decision. Pullover sweaters, or classic sweaters, should absolutely be folded. You’d never hang a long-sleeve shirt, so why would you hang what is essentially a thicker version of a long-sleeve shirt? Particularly when talking about knitted sweaters, hanging them from hangers will only cause the fabric to stretch unevenly and look very unflattering on your body. So, conclusion: always fold pullover sweaters.

Cardigans, however, can be a little different. As long as they aren’t knit or another fabric that will easily stretch, I like to hang my cardigans. I find that it looks much nicer when placed next to jackets, and they’re easier to grab. IMG_3249IMG_2827

Sweet Tooth: Apple Pie

Sweet Tooth 22-30-18

Apple pie is a classic, regardless of the time of day or the season. The other weekend, I had a relatively open weekend and wanted to do nothing more than bake apple pie and make my apartment smell of delicious baked goods.


Since I’ve baked apple pies before, I didn’t follow a precise recipe this time around. Instead, I sliced about 6 apples very thinly, and then doused them in ½ cup of white sugar, ½ brown sugar, ¼ cup of flower, 2 tablespoons of cinnamon, and a little bit of butter to stick. It turned out delicious and I’d highly recommend free styling when it comes to pies.





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