Tricks of the Trade: Sweaters


Sweaters. Should I hang them? Should I fold them? Let’s talk about it!

If you’ve taken the time to look at my personal closets (Closet 1 and Closet 2), then you’ll see that I both fold and hang my sweaters but there’s a very clear methodology behind my decision. Pullover sweaters, or classic sweaters, should absolutely be folded. You’d never hang a long-sleeve shirt, so why would you hang what is essentially a thicker version of a long-sleeve shirt? Particularly when talking about knitted sweaters, hanging them from hangers will only cause the fabric to stretch unevenly and look very unflattering on your body. So, conclusion: always fold pullover sweaters.

Cardigans, however, can be a little different. As long as they aren’t knit or another fabric that will easily stretch, I like to hang my cardigans. I find that it looks much nicer when placed next to jackets, and they’re easier to grab. IMG_3249IMG_2827

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