Neutral Decor

tumblr_inline_nglle5lPrD1r6zr9i tumblr_inline_nglle8Lt6I1r6zr9i

When I moved into an empty apartment several months ago and had brought nothing but three suitcases full of clothes and a couple of my favorite tchotchkes, I felt oddly at peace and confident in my ability to decorate my apartment in a timely manner. Once I had walked into store after store – many stores multiple times over – I started to doubt my cool, calm, and collected disposition and question what I truly consider my design style.

For so long, I had thought I loved prints, colors, and clashed patterns. The idea of a black and white cowhide paired with ikat curtains and striped pillowcases seemed so right, but after testing out each of these items in my apartment several times over, I finally went back to the drawing board.

If I’ve learned anything from my decorating experience it’s that sometimes it takes time to really figure out what your style is and meld that with what would look best in the space. While colorful patterns looked great in my last space, I wasn’t as keen to them in my new one. But now that things have finally come together, I can happily say that I love my neutral color palette and it certainly fits. 

Photos from: Pinterest.

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