The Set Up

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If I didn’t set my outfit out the night before, I likely would never make it to work. However, only recently did I decide what was necessary to have in place in order to make the planning process a bit easier, and I wanted to share it with you all!

I used to just drape my outfit over the chair in my vanity and hope that nothing would wrinkle over night. Now, I do things a little differently. With the help of my boyfriend, I added a nice hook to both of my closets, so I can easily hang the item(s) that I want to wear the next day. If the item is a folded item, I simply hang it on a spare hanger so that every thing can be in one spot.

I would really recommend this strategy as it keeps your closet clutter-free and will also make your morning routine better!


Makes You Happy


I am going to make everything around me beautiful –that will be my life. – Elise de Wolfe

I absolutely love working to make everything surrounding me organized and beautiful – it’s just what makes me happy. Because of this, I started a blog to showcase tips and tricks for making your life organized and beautiful as well.

I’d like to encourage all of my readers to find something in their lives that is beautiful to you and makes you happy. Whether it’s something so small as a make up bag with your favorite shadows, brushes, and lip glosses inside, or your new stainless steel refrigerator, take some time to appreciate it today.

Mexican Treasures


Every corner I turned in Mexico was a new opportunity to find a beautiful treasure and snatch it up. From straw bags to woven bracelets to beautiful scarves, I loved everything I saw! Here’s what I brought home with me and will forever remember our amazing trip by.

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The perfect straw bag from Silvia Suarez.


The happiest hand-strung picture that ever was.


Adorable coin purse.


The most delicious agave candle from Coqui Coqui perfumery.

Mexico Travel Diary

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As you may have caught on from my Instagram, I spent the first week of March traveling throughout the Yucatan Peninsula and it was nothing short of amazing. Our days consisted of watching the sunset, sipping on piña coladas, finding sea shells, and shopping at local markets. I took close to 500 photos on the trip, but below are my favorites. Enjoy!


We started the trip in Cancun but only spent about a day and a half there before driving down to Tulum. Cancun was so beautiful and we found the most incredible restaurant there, Navios. We ended up eating there two nights in a row to enjoy the sunset and eat some tasty seafood. Would highly recommend it!


After Cancun, we took a cab down to Tulum (about 2 hours) and from the second we turned down the road, we were o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d. Tulum has to be the most magical place I’ve ever visited in my life. It’s so bohemian and relaxed and instantly makes you feel at peace. We stayed at La Zebra hotel but bounced around to various others to appreciate their architecture, beach views, and menus, of course.

It’s almost impossible to outline the highlights of our time in Tulum, since — and I don’t mean to sound cliché here — it was the most spectacular place I’ve ever been to in my life. But, if I have to, I’d say the highlights were: Posada Margherita for amazing Italian food and drinks, Hartwood for the most delicious dinner I’ve ever had, Coqui Coqui for perfumes, candles, and beautiful clothing, and Be Tulum for the most relaxing beach experience in the world.




Our last stop of the trip was Playa del Carmen since it’s closer to the airport from Tulum and has lots of great shopping opportunities. Tulum definitely still has my heart but our hotel in Playa del Carmen also had that amazing bohemian feeling and the most comfortable lounge chairs.

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