Post Its

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I’ve expressed my love for post-it notes before, but I wanted to take the time to outline how I arrange my post-it notes.

Each week, I like to think about what I need to do and then write it down so I can free up some brain space for other things. There’s no good in repeating to-do lists in your head, so write it down and then forget about it!IMG_3366IMG_3372

As is shown, I like to do check boxes next to to-do’s so that I can check them off once I’ve finished the task. If there’s something that I unfortunately wasn’t able to get to for whatever reason – sometimes life gets in the way, ok?! – I’ll circle it so that I know to come back to it next week.

Depending on the list, I’ll either place the post-it note in my planner, or in my closet on the mirror as a daily reminder for what needs to be done.IMG_3378

So what do you think? Are you willing to give this to-do list strategy a go? I hope so!

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