A Walk Through My Neighborhood

Afternoon Stroll

This past weekend, the weather was absolutely gorgeous that it just seemed wrong to get into my car and drive to run my errands. So, I put on my walking shoes (and by walking shoes, I mean my Birkenstocks of course) and walked up and down my neighborhood. I stopped for ice cream, picked up my dry cleaning, did a little vintage shopping with my boyfriend, and admired the architecture + blooming trees in my neighborhood.

IMG_3629 IMG_3632 IMG_3633 IMG_3636 IMG_3637 IMG_3639

Living Room Round Quatre


If you haven’t caught on yet, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m a perfectionist and am always updating and changing things around me. My living room is no exception to this rule.

Though I recently said that I had completed my living room, I’ve made so many changes over the past few weeks that I had to share the updated styling with you.

The big changes include:

A new rug // Oversized photograph above the couch // Larger coffee table to balance out the room // Fuller bookshelves // White French doors // New throw blanket and pillows // Tchotchkes to complete the look.

IMG_4229IMG_4213IMG_4212IMG_4221 IMG_4230IMG_4227 IMG_4225IMG_3596Details: Photograph // Pouff // Rug // Coffee Table // Couch // Bookcase // Side Tables // Throw Pillows // Lamps.

Bay Area Exploring: San Francisco Neighborhoods

First Image

Since I moved to San Francisco almost exactly one year ago (eeek!), I’ve explored some pretty beautiful neighborhoods. Every time I visit, I think about where I would want to live if I ever moved to the city and right now, I think the Marina has my heart. Bay views, Golden Gate Bridge peepin’, beautiful shops, and flower marts like the one showed below….yes.Crissy FieldIMG_3554Marina IMG_3881 SunsetIMG_3539IMG_5365_2IMG_5366_2

Tricks of the Trade: The Coffee Table

Coffee Table Musts

A coffee table is such a great opportunity to insert life and personality in your living room. Simply by adding flowers to a coffee table, for instance, the whole room can come together. Because of this, I always like to have my coffee table styled to perfection. Here’s what I do:

The Musts

Stack of books – Keep image-heavy books so your guests can flip through when they are sitting in your living room. The books should stacked on top of each other with the largest at the bottom. Stay tuned for a post all about my favorite coffee table books.

Candle – I always have at least one candle on my coffee table, surrounded by matches so I can easily light it. My favorite is the sake lemon flower sent from Voluspa.

Fresh flowers – I know, I know, this is a bit of an investment, but I promise it’s worth it. Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than fresh flowers.

A great tray – Because I’m a big proponent of housing small things in one larger thing, I love trays for coffee tables. The tray will hold your bouquet, candle, and little thotchkes that you pick up along the way! Mine is from West Elm.

IMG_3882 IMG_3887