I’m one of those people who just loves the idea of my birthday and looks forward to it for weeks in advance. This year, I was particularly excited because I spent the day before my birthday pampering myself — think: blow dry, mani, pedi, etc. I would highly recommend doing this on your birthday! Then, on the actual day, I invited my closest Bay Area friends over to my apartment for tea, light bites, and tons of sweets. I’ll be doing a whole post on the details of the tea party later this week, but in the meantime, here are the highlights from my birthday day.


Beautiful table setting. Stay tuned for more details later this week!


My home is now a flower shop and I’m perfectly ok with it.


Cutest little chocolate cake – yum!



Wishing for another 364 days just like this one.


Admiring the stunning bar at Foreign Cinema.


Cheers to a great year ahead!


Pretty twinkly lights in the back patio.

IMG_5666Decisions, decisions . . . Everything sounded so good!

P.S. For a look into how I spent my birthday last year, check out this post.

3 thoughts on “24!

  1. Happy Birthday! I also always look forward to my birthday and spend forever planning it 🙂 Yours looks like it was an absolute blast !!


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