Tea Party Birthday

First ImageAs you may have caught on from my Instagram posts, and from yesterday’s birthday recap, I rang in my 24th with a tea party at my apartment surrounded by my closest Bay Area friends. I wanted my apartment to feel like a tea party wonderland and started an entire Pinterest board to collect all of my inspiration. The party required a lot of prep, so if you’re looking for an easy breezy get together, you may want to opt for a potluck picnic situation. But, for me, this is the kind of work that I love so I enjoyed every minute of it. Making to-do lists on to-do lists, vintage shopping for embellished tea cups, stocking up on every last item I needed, and styling my apartment to perfection … yep, that’s what I love.

Here’s a look into my tea party wonderland:

IMG_4130IMG_4133IMG_4140IMG_4137IMG_4147IMG_4151 IMG_4148IMG_4142 IMG_4149   IMG_4145 IMG_4153 IMG_4161 IMG_4139 IMG_4160IMG_4180Since my apartment is fairly small, I wanted to find a way to arrange everything in a way that didn’t feel cramped or claustrophobic. After a few trials, I ended up moving my dining chairs to one wall so the table could be a place where all of the food and garnishes lived and people could walk all the way around it to get what they wanted. On the bar cart, I placed items like forks, spoons, plates, and cups, as to not crowd the table. Add in multiple bouquets of pink flowers and we were in business!

IMG_4164For all you foodies, this is the menu I served:

Mini sandwiches: pb&j, cucumber & cream cheese, and prosciutto, brie, and apple slices // Macarons // Mini pies // Shortbread cookies // Chocolate almond biscotti // Strawberries and raspberries // Nonpareils // White chocolate raisins // All different kinds of tea // Lemonade // White wine // Rosé.

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