Great IKEA Finds


In my last post, I noted that sometimes it can be good to think outside the IKEA bubble to see what you can get for just a little bit more money. However, that is not to say that I don’t think IKEA is a wonderful, magical place — because I do hold a place for IKEA in my heart and that place is fairly large.

My one tip would be to mix and match items and to make sure that not every item in your room is from IKEA. This goes for just about any store, unless maybe we’re talking about West Elm or Pottery Barn. In my own apartment, I have several IKEA pieces — from my nightstands to my bar cart — but I made a dedicated effort to count the number of IKEA items I was putting in a single room. This way, my home feels curated as it contains pieces from vintage shops and higher end retailers as well.


Ikea nightstand x geode and lamp I got from a flea market.


Ikea pitcher x West Elm’s fancy silicone utensils.


IKEA tea kettle x Anthropologie salt and pepper shakers.

In honor of just how great some of IKEA’s items are, check out this amazing post by Domaine Home that outlines designers’ top 10 IKEA picks.

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