Displaying Jewelry


When it comes to displaying some of my favorite pieces of jewelry on my vanity, I am incredibly particular. I don’t like to jut fling all of my rings on a tray and call it a day (hey that rhymed!). Rather, I like it to be a bit more purposeful while still feeling blasé and effortless.

To achieve this, I’ll group all of my rings together in piles but leave them facing different directions. I’ll even mix up gold and silver. What matters most here is that all the rings are in the same spot. This strategy also holds for bracelets, which I keep together, but layer on top of one another to create a relaxed vibe.


4 thoughts on “Displaying Jewelry

  1. Hi Arielle,

    Thank you so much for the kind words! I’d love to support each other and will follow you shortly.



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